Monday, July 18, 2011

house update

I know there a lot of you who have been praying for our house in Duluth to sell so I wanted to give you a quick update -

Last Friday (as in over a week ago) we got feedback from a showing that we had that someone was "very" interested in our house and was going to schedule a third showing for this past week. We never heard anything, and after checking with our realtor we came to find out that the potential buyer's real estate agent currently does not have her license due to the government state shut down. (We are assuming she needed it renewed and has been unable to get it renewed). This
would explain why she has been unable to schedule another showing this past week.

We are hopeful that the government will start back up soon and this potential buyer will put in an offer soon. The buyer also has the option to go with a different realtor if they so choose. Ultimately we are still trusting in God to provide for our needs as he has in the past. Just wanted to give you all an update so you can pray specifically.


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