Friday, January 29, 2010

January update

Haven't blogged much this's what's been keeping me busy!

Hair hair hair. I'm learning more about taking care of Matea's hair - and honestly getting a little frustrated at times. My styles don't last very long and it takes me quite a while to do them. Regardless, I am learning and getting better each time I do Matea's hair. She has A TON of hair, its unreal! I love the way it looks right after I wash and condition it - it has these beautiful ringlets that are just gorgeous. Someday we'll figure out how to get those ringlets to stay after her hair dries (I think!). In the meantime, here is her hair after a few days of it being free...and my first time doing bantu knots!

We moved Matea into a toddler bed about a month ago...she loves it (can't you tell by the picture). She hasn't tried getting out yet when she isn't supposed to, which has been great!

We took a quick 4 day trip to Missouri with Jesse and Jodi to visit Aaron's grandma for her 90th birthday. It was REALLY fun and really really good to see Grandma Grace! I am so glad we could make it down for the party - it was really special to us that Grandma got to spend some time getting to know Matea.
Aaron got me a new external flash for Christmas and I also got Lightroom for the computer to work on some photo editing stuff - my brain has literally been on overload trying to learn things. I finally figured out I need to just learn one thing at a time, so I am slowly starting to figure things out.

Took Matea to the MD today for her 2 year appt - she grew 3.5" in the last 6 months - which would explain why we keep thinking she is looking so much like a KID and not a TODDLER. The doctor said she has the language of a 4 year old - but she's a bit behind in the gross motor skills. Nothing to worry about though...we decided we'll start playing Twister. :-)

I also put in my "i'm quitting" notice for my job - so my last day will be May 1 unless they find a replacement sooner. I'm not moving to a new job, I'm just going to be done and stay home! Aaron's business has picked up quite a bit and we feel this'll be a really good move for our family. So...there you have it!