Thursday, April 14, 2011

working it out

I had my six week check up with the doctor on Tuesday and was given a "clean bill of health." Those were the doctor's exact words. I didn't know people actually said that, I thought it was just in the movies.

Anyway, the only "problem" that I have is that my hemoglobin levels were extremely low - as in the nurse told me I am borderline anemic. I was actually kind of glad to hear that. I had been mentioning to Aaron that I seemed more tired than I should be - some days I will sleep until 9:00am, take a nap, and then be exhausted at 8:30pm. Even with a newborn it seemed I was way more tired than I should be. Turns out I was right. Bring on the vitamins, red meat, and spinach. Hopefully in the next week or two I'll be a little more normal.

My 6 week check up has officially ended my "take it easy" time and has ushered in "time to get back in shape." I stepped on the scale yesterday morning and officially have 21 pounds to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I am planning on not buying any new clothes until I have gotten back to a reasonable weight for me, and with each day I am loathing my maternity pants more and more so I think I have great motivation. I decided I'll be blogging periodically about my weight loss in order to have a little extra accountability and motivation.

This week my fitness goals are:
*exercise every other day (work out videos)
*take my vitamins daily (got to get my energy level back up!)
*work on a healthy 2-3 week meal plan that I can continuously rotate.

I think that's good enough for now. :-) I did exercise yesterday and it felt GOOD! It is a little weird to be back at the beginner level of my videos, but, I did just have a baby, right?