Tuesday, December 7, 2010

matea's hair

Today was "hair day" at our house...I put Matea's hair in 35ish box braids today and I LOVE how it turned out. I took a really quick picture of the front and one of the back - they aren't the greatest pictures but give you the idea -

I let her hair "stretch" out for a day in a few chunky twists before I braided it. I was surprised at how much length was retained after the braiding was done, since her hair was only slightly damp during braiding. I am always amazed by the length of her hair when I am washing it/styling it, but usually the styles that we do don't really show how long it is. If I braid it right after washing it shrinks up quite a bit which is totally normal and fine! However, it is fun every once in a while to have it be really long - plus, she enjoys whipping it around!

I am trying to get more creative with styles, but I usually find myself doing some form of twists (or "chunkies" as matea calls them!) or braids. Those styles seem to last a while and we can usually tweak them as the days go by (for example, I'll put her hair in pigtails, cornrows, barrettes, and headbands with the box braids she has in now). We can usually have a couple days of a twist-out or braid-out with these styles which are probably my favorites! The photo below she has a couple day old twist-out. Super cute, in my opinion!
So, there's the hair updates from our neck of the woods. We're hoping to take some family pictures this weekend with the tripod, so if any turn out I'll post them. Also, I'm entering my 3rd trimester this week so I'll take a couple belly pics and post them as well. yikes!