Wednesday, September 29, 2010

pregnancy post

Since posting on facebook that I'm pregnant, I figured I'd do a quick blog post answering some questions I got, mainly concerning my blood pressure.

First off, YES, I still have controlled hypertension. It didn't just miraculously go away, although, I sure wouldn't argue with God if he ever decided to do that.

My pregnancy isn't going to be too much different than a normal pregnancy (not that I'd really know, since I'll never have a "normal" one - does ANYONE have "normal" ANYTHING?). Basically I'll just be monitored a lot more than someone who does not have pre-existing hypertension. Following our ultrasound on October 18th I will be getting ultrasounds every 2-6 weeks to monitor the baby's growth. I go in every month for a check rather than 12 and 20 weeks. And at the end I'll go weekly for the last 2 months rather than just the last month.

Other things we haven't discussed with my doctor yet...but...there is a good probability I will be induced early to prevent pre-eclampsia. We'll figure this out as the time gets closer, I suppose. Other than that........I guess I'm 'normal.'

I feel basically fine.

I have had one craving: Sweet onion chicken teriyaki subway sandwiches. Oh yum. And lately every night I've been wanting a bowl of cereal before bed, which is rare for me. Too bad I'm not craving something healthy like carrots or broccoli or something.

Yes we are finding out the gender.

Someday I'll post a belly picture.

I am 18 weeks today. Two more weeks and we're in the downhill slope. Yeah!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Chipmunks & Salt Water Taffy

Posted by Aaron:

Did you know that chipmunks like salt water taffy?  It's true.  At least they like to try it - I don't know if they're connoisseurs of fine salt water taffy or not.  You might wonder how I know this.  I know some of you who know me think it's just one of the many useless trivia items I might know.  Well the truth is, it's not.

We have a semi-domesticated chipmunk that hangs around our place. We've had a few run-ins with it, but none that notable.  It usually just gives us a nervous look as it runs across the deck (especially when Page is out).  We saw it a few times today while going in and out and Matea asked if she could "go chase it."  Go ahead I told her... anyhow...Matea was playing outside while I did some work in the garage. I had the door open to let some fresh air in and keep an ear out for Matea.  When it was time for dinner I went to go in and Matea was near the door.  She said "the chipmunk went in there."  I said where?  And she pointed under this cart that's right inside the door.  I looked and nothing.  She's at this age where she's starting to do more and more imaginary play that spills into her reality, so while I didn't completely write her statement off, I figured chances were she was playing.  Fast forward three hours.  Matea's in bed, I run out to the garage (my office) to do a couple things.  It's dark except for the computer screen and I heard a little noise that I didn't pay much attention to, then more noise.  AHHHH!!!!  THE CHIPMUNK'S IN MY OFFICE AND SCURRYING OVER MY SANDEL-CLAD FEET!! Not to sound like a complete baby, but it did freak me out for a few seconds.  I spent a good chunk of time trying to scare it out, but can't tell if it's still here or if it ran out the door I left open when I went in the house to get some closed-toe shoes.

Dirty little bugger left some "droppings" as Bear Grylls may call them on my window ledge and worst of all he ate at least two of my salt-water taffy's.  And as if to taunt me he left the shredded wrappers right in the middle of my desk.  Argh - I'll get you little chipmunk....I'LL GET YOU!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


As I sit here on my couch with a blanket on and a cup of coffee, trying to NOT turn the heat on, I am trying to focus on the good things about fall. Typically my favorite season. However, when it comes like a slap in the face rather than that slow, enjoyable cool down into sweatshirt weather I have a hard time adjusting. Seriously, what happened to upper 60s/low 70s for a high?! We just go right into the 50s this year? Frustrating. And it is so dark so early. sigh. So, are some things I'm enjoying right now:

-International Delight's Dark Chocolate Cream coffee creamer. I LOVE IT.
-I stopped at Caribou the other day and they have their fall flavors out!! Pumpkin Spice Latte, here I come!!
-I made chocolate chip cookies on Tuesday. They are delicious. And it warmed up the house a degree or two. I made this recipe, and it is great! Aaron says they are the best cookies he thinks I've made.
-I'm going to make pumpkin bread today and will be trying out another new recipe. Looking forward to it.
-Fall scented candles. On my list of things to purchase in the next couple of days.
-Smartwool socks, how I love thee.
-Football season. I love napping on the couch on Sunday afternoons while a football game is on. Go Vikes!
-Hot apple cider on the stove. Yum-o.
-Crock pot meals. Somehow they seem so fitting for this time of year, and so effortless. And I am a low-effort type of girl.

So there you have it. Kind of weird that most things of fall have to do with eating or drinking. Oh well. This weather also is nice for going for walks in the woods. :-)