Thursday, February 24, 2011

unexpected comment

I had a doctor's appointment today which was pretty uneventful. In an effort to try to jump start any chance of going into labor this weekend we spent some time this evening at the mall doing a little bit of shopping and A LOT of walking.

On our way out to the car we were stopped by an african american man who was outside. The abbreviated version of our conversation went a little bit like this:
"Is she your daughter?"
"Yes, she is."
"Well CONGRATULATIONS! I am from Mississippi and you just don't see multi-ethnic families down there. It is so wonderful to see the love you have for each other. Thank you!"
"Well thank YOU for saying that to us! It really means a lot coming from you."

I had a couple thoughts as we got into the car....
First, I am proud of our family, but I often wonder what other black people think when they see us. It was really cool to have someone go out of their way to comment positively on our family.
Second, I always say that I want to be more encouraging to people and I rarely seem to do that. When I have exceptional service at a store or restaurant I always say, "I should write the manager" but never do....I too often just keep my mouth shut. Being "complimented" (for lack of a better word) by this total stranger really made my night - how often can I do that for others just by being NICE? Really, it isn't that hard. I just need to step up and do it.

So, those are my random thoughts on the night. It was a good night. And, I guess that's all I've got!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

It is February...

February is here!

Last weekend Aaron took Matea to the Father Daughter Ball that is held every year in Duluth. This was Matea's first year going and we were both pretty sure she'd have fun...but...she's 3, so you never know. Turns out she loved it! She told me MULTIPLE times, "next time you should come to the father daughter ball because it is SO much fun!" Aaron got her a corsage that she thought was really fun to have. Aaron had a lot of fun with her (and our dad friends) at the dance, so it was a win-win.

They are a cute couple. :-)

Pregnancy update...
I'm 37 weeks today which puts me at full term. Ready to be DONE being pregnant. I'm really hoping that I have the baby THIS MONTH. We had a doctor appointment today and everything looks good. The baby had a growth check ultrasound and she is weighing approximately 5#6oz...if I go 3 more weeks she'll be about 7 1/2# according to my doctor. I am going to work really hard at enjoying these last few weeks as a family of 3 and not having a newborn to take care of! Here are a couple of pictures of me from is a bit difficult to take pictures of yourself in the mirror. These are the best I could do. :-)

Aaron got me a KitchenAid Mixer for Christmas and I've been experimenting with some bread recipes. I tried out this breadstick recipe the other day and it turned out really good, so I made them again today and mixed in a bunch of extra herbs, garlic, and cheese. The house smells amazing and the breadsticks look pretty good!! I'm excited to eat them with the chicken chili I've got cooking in the crockpot.
Well I am off to work for the afternoon...I've got a few days of work ahead of me which is nice. Well, the paycheck is nice! It is always good for me to get out of the house for a while, too. I tend to hole myself inside in the winter. The extended forecast is looking promising that spring won't be TOO far away - hopefully the bitter cold is behind us for the rest of the winter!