Tuesday, August 10, 2010

what we've been up to

We've had a fun summer so far...lots of playing outside, going to the lake, hanging out with friends, and barbecuing, and not much blogging! Here are a couple pics of life...

Gary and Angela came up for a weekend in June - it was a ton of fun! We picnicked on lake superior, watched Grandma's Marathon, landscaped, and just had a good time hanging out.

Jen came home from the world race!! Here is the Duluth crew at the airport. It was a good time!

We had a family weekend in Giants Ridge over the 4th of July. The weather was awesome. We did not catch much fish...but we ate like kings!!

I let Matea start to use scissors. She can only cut with her mouth open - I hear this is normal? I don't know, I think it is hilarious.

So there is a brief update, I'll try to be better at staying up to date!
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