Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I...(got tagged!)


I am: blessed, chosen, adopted, accepted, redeemed forgiven (Ephesians 1:3-8)
I think: therefore I am
I know: where I'm going when I die
I want: Matea to be home
I have: more than I need

I wish: I had a personal chef
I hate: know-it-alls
I miss: the social life of college
I fear: bugs
I feel: content

I hear: nothing!
I smell: fresh air
I search: for the perfect pair of jeans
I wonder: what Matea's personality is like
I regret: complacency in my relationship with God

I ache: when I run
I care: not enough!
I always: wear earrings
I am not: detail oriented
I believe: the 5 statements of faith (thanks, Beth Moore!)

I dance: with my sister - using wooden spoons as microphones, of course
I sing: horribly
I cry: I generally try not to, but its getting harder as I age!
I don’t always: exercise
I fight: unfortunately I do fight sometimes.

I write: in my journal - someday maybe I'll publish something?
I win: sometimes
I lose: track of time when I am online
I never: eat spicy foods
I confuse: its with it's

I listen: when the conversation is interesting ;)
I can usually be found: home or work
I am afraid of: losing a loved one
I need: to be more patient
I am happy about: the way life is turning out

I'm tagging - Jo, Shawna, and Sarah S

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Nothing to report

There isn't too much going on right now on ANY front of our lives! Right now we are waiting - again. We were told that it would take approximately 3-4 weeks to receive Matea's birth certificate, and once we get that we will get a travel date, which will be approximately 3-4 weeks after that. Then craziness starts, I'm sure.

We've been working on Matea's room and working in the yard now that summer decided to show its face here. After a month of rain it has been nice to see the sun. We're going to have a picnic dinner down by the lake this evening, should be fun.

Speaking of the sun, I'm going to head out and enjoy it. Later!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Yes, I'm shouting in the title. :)
We learned today that we made it through court (surprise to us!) and we are now able to post Matea Mimi's picture since she is legally our daughter. So, without further adieu, here she is!

Monday, June 9, 2008


We got word today from our CHS contact (Jackie) that our court case has been postponed. Due to the power outages in Ethiopia, the Ministry of Women's Affairs was unable to get some necessary paperwork to the court in time for our case to be heard. They anticipate our case being heard as soon as the paperwork gets in place, but they have no way of knowing how long that will take.

We're disappointed.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Thanks, everyone, for your input! I think we're just going to keep her name spelled Matea, and I suppose if she wants to change the spelling when she grows up she can. :)

Our court date is tomorrow. We should find out if her case made it through on Tuesday or Wednesday. As soon as we make it through court we can post her beautiful picture on the blog!

Exciting weekend here at the Petersons - we had a massively huge storm on Thursday night and we got a bunch of water in our basement. ANNOYING - seeing as our basement is finished and all the water just gets sucked up into the carpet instead of running to the drain. Things are still drying out. I think we've got a plan to try to get some things fixed with that, seeing as this isn't the first time this has happened. Here's hoping for no massive storms before that happens!

Friday, June 6, 2008

spelling debate!

There has been a discussion going on in our house for a couple weeks about Matea. It has come to our attention that many people see the name "Matea" and instinctively pronounce it mah-tee-ah rather than mah-tay-ah, the way we pronounce it. It was never even a thought of ours that people might pronounce it with a "tee" sound, so it has come to a surprise to us that so many people have! Of course, looking at the name, I can understand the confusion.

So this brings us to the question - do we change the spelling of her name? The spelling that comes to mind is "Mataya," which I think would dispel any confusion of pronunciation. Aaron isn't a huge fan of this spelling, mainly because culturally people are adding "y" to names to jazz them up. I do agree with him that our original spelling seems more classy. So we aren't sure if we should change it or not.

Thoughts, anyone?