Tuesday, July 8, 2008

quick update

Just a quick update for you all before I get ready for bed. :)

We got a health update on Matea last week - she's growing in length and head circumference, but she hasn't gained much weight at all. At least she hasn't lost any.

Still waiting on the birth certificate - hopefully we'll get one in the next day or two. I hope for tomorrow. Rumor on the forum has it they are still trying to get families to travel on the 17th and the 24th. We're hoping for no later than the 31st - we'll see. Personally, I think the 17th would be a bit too early, but Aaron said he'd leave on Friday if he could!

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Katie said...

Here's hoping you get your call soon! And just to reassure you, both my kids were slow weight gainers, and often had spurts of added height without any extra pounds to go with them. So don't let any "doctors recommendations" freak you out or anything.