Wednesday, March 12, 2008

San Diego

We are home from California. I think that our trip was one of the two most relaxing vacations I've ever been on. It was great. We slept in, did some touristy things, hung out at the hotel, watched TLC and the Discovery channel....we had a really really good time. It was really nice to be able to spend some extended time together with no agendas or commitments to attend to!
This one is self explanatory. We went to the zoo. It was awesome - our favorite part was watching a baby monkey play with an old monkey. It was hilarious.
At the beach the day we left. It was 70 and sunny every day we were there, but each afternoon it got quite breezy, and the wind was pretty cool so it wasn't quite swimming in the ocean weather.See all the spots on the shore that look like driftwood? THEY ARE SEALS!! We decided to go up the coast a bit, and we stopped to do some shopping . We parked down by the ocean and lo and behold, there were 100+ seals on the beach sunning themselves. Probably a solid 1/3 of them were babies!! They were awesome. Ok, that's all for now. We have a few more cool pictures I'll post later. In the meantime, I'm going to go figure out how to make "vacation life" become real life, because real life isn't quite as much fun!! :)


Anonymous said...

What a fun gift to find all those seals on the beach! Did you schedule them for that day, Aaron? Ha! What an awesome trip, and glad you had such a good time.
Grandma Lynn

Mike and Becky said...

Loved the pictures and glad you had such a wonderful time. Don't you just love vacations like that? I do! We have had a few really, really nice and fun vacations and I think the memories are fun to reflect on, especially during busy "real life" days. The pictures always help with good memories, too. I am also excited to see how quickly you are moving up on the referral list!! Wow! How exciting is that? Love you guys, Mom P.

Aimee said...

Sounds like you had a blast! Good to hear. I'm counting down the days until we leave for FL...less than two weeks! Granted, flying with two kids under 4 won't be a huge, relaxing thrill, but it'll still be better than our day-to-day "stuff" we're usually up to.

Hope you're able to make the transition back to "real life" fairly easily...I always hate that part!