Thursday, March 27, 2008

I've been tagged!

I got tagged a couple weeks back by the Parker Family! My responsibility is to write 10 random facts about myself and then tag 5 goes!

1. I got bit by an ostrich at a zoo when I was in elementary school. Beaks hurt!

2. I love 24. Jack Bauer is my hero.

3. When I was in elementary school I got sent to the speech teacher one day for ONE session. Apparently they thought there was something wrong with my speech because I was so quiet in school. The truth is I have nothing wrong with my speech AND I tend to have no volume control on my voice so I suppose they fixed that.

4. Growing up, I always wanted to marry a black guy and have twin children. Turns out I married a twin and I will have a black child!

5. I could never, ever live in a town smaller than Duluth. Never.

6. The best desert ever: half a peanut butter brownie from Pizza Luce slightly warmed, a scoop of Moose Tracks ice cream and a scoop of Caribou Coffee Java Chunk ice cream. And a cup of coffee. While watching a chick flick. OH YEAH! My favorite.

7. I am an introvert and I HATE large groups of people. It stresses me out. Which is easy to do, because I'm kind of high-strung. Which causes high blood pressure. But I take medication for that. :)

8. If Aaron ever dies I'm going to get a cat.

9. I love Christmas.

10. This post has stressed me out!!!

Ok, so I'm tagging:
Jo and Anna, because I'm curious what you'll post
Aimee because I think you'll do it
Jenny because I bet you'll have some fun things to post
Amy because I miss you!

And this is probably illegal, but Aaron, I tag you too, even though we share this blog. :)


Anonymous said...

This message on your blog was worth waiting for! Good job! I am glad you didn't marry anyone else because Aaron is the best!! I can't wait for the baby...wish they would hurry!
Lots of love,
Grandma Lynn


Katie- Tagging Aaron- TOTALLY CHEATING!!!