Monday, March 3, 2008

And the spilling the beans award goes to............

posted by Aaron:

BRANDON! Congratulations Brandon - you ruined the surprise! Way to go! Here's the brief recap of how Brandon earned this award.

The setting: Sunday evening. Brandon came over to hang out doing nothing on a lazy Sunday evening. I was in our living room using the laptop on one couch. Katie was reading on the other couch. Brandon was in our kitchen looking for something to eat and was wanting more discussion out of us than he was getting.

From the kitchen-
Brandon: "So, let's talk about something. How about you're vacation? So, you're going to San Diego.........or.......somewhere else....."

In the living room-
Aaron: does nothing trying to keep a poker face debating if there's any way to cover this or if it's a lost cause.

Katie: looks at Aaron and screams "Yes! I KNEW we were going somewhere in California! Are we?"

Aaron: Continues to keep a straight face, focusing on the laptop and trying to act as though he's missed everything that has happened, all the while trying to figure out a way to keep the lid on things.

Brandon: Awkwardly comes into the living room not saying much trying to figure out if he's going to get killed by Aaron for the mistake or kissed by Katie for giving up the secret.

Aaron: can't keep a straight face anymore and bursts out laughing. "Congratulations Brandon! You win the award for spilling the beans!"

There was no going back. All I could do at that point was laugh (and later give Brandon a nice hard titty twister as a thanks).

So, in summary, if there's anything you want to keep secret Brandon has proved that he's not the most reliable at keeping secrets. Expectant mothers - don't tell Brandon the sex and/or name if you don't want it shared with others. Green Bay Packers - keep any Favre retirement news away from Brandon until you're ready to share it with the public. And finally, all gift givers - I recommend removing Brandon from the "inner circle" of gift giving knowledge.


Jo said...

At least you paid him back with a good hard titty twister:-) Glad you weren't too upset with him...crap happens! Good job on setting up the whole trip, though. Hope it's fun.

Mike and Becky said...

Brandon, Brandon, could you? Oh well, you were probably just tired from such a fun and exciting weekend that we had, huh??? Hope your bruise isn't too bad from Aaron!


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