Thursday, December 20, 2007

What I REALLY want for Christmas

posted by Aaron:

It's almost Christmas! I love the whole Christmas season as I'm sure most of you who read this do too. One thing I do dread every year though is the "gift list." I've never had a real easy time coming up with a list of things I need or want. I'm don't really need much and most of the things that I would LIKE are things that I'd either rather just get myself, or are completely ridiculous to put on a gift list (ie a new furnace). Creating this years gift list went something like this.....

Katie: We need to get lists together for my family to do some Christmas shopping.
Aaron: Oh, ok.
Katie: I already made mine three weeks ago.
Aaron: Oh. How long did it take you to make yours?
Katie: 3.5 seconds
Aaron: Oh.
Katie: You say "oh" a lot."
Aaron: Ok. I can't really think of much that I want...
Katie: How about some new shoes or a gift card to DSW? You could REALLY use some new shoes.
Aaron: Ok
Katie: How about a new chair for your office?
Aaron: Ok
Katie: How about a gift card to Menards or Home Depot for some stuff you could use in the garage.
Aaron: Ok
Katie: How about a popcorn popper?
Aaron: Ok. Oh - and how about some neckties? Mine are getting old.
(and I wear ties probably 2 times a year, so this is a pretty big need in my life)

So there you have it. Katie came up with about 80% of my gift list this year. Now to the main point of my post. What do I REALLY want for Christmas? Something unique....something.....practical.....I've got it!

Chuck Norris Action Jeans

From the ad: "Developed by Chuck Norris for stunt fighting in action movies, these great looking western style jeans have a unique hidden gusset which allows greater movement without riding or ripping."


I suppose $19.95 in 1980-whatever dollars might be a bit much for people who are buying on a budget (they're probably $60 now). Maybe something that doesn't cost money...something like....

A recount of the 2000 election.

For the last seven years I just keep thinking "what IF?!"
If Al Gore had won the election I wouldn't be debating right now if I should add on a central air unit to my furnace. Global warming would have been taken care of and I could have avoided those long, hot and dreaded three weeks of summer in Duluth. Not only that, but who knows where the internet would be today had he had 8 years to lead us into the technology of the 21st century. Oh well.

One last idea.

A game of catch with Fidel.

As most of you probably know he was quite the baseball player back in his day and according to this picture it looks like he still keeps on top of his game. He may not be around next Christmas, so if you're really going to take me up on any of these ideas, this is probably the most time sensitive one.

There are some ideas. If you get me one of these please try to keep it a secret until Christmas Eve if you're in the Peterson family, Christmas Day if you're in the Flavin family or until at least Sunday the 23rd if you're not actual family. I'd like to enjoy a little suspense as I wait to see who might get me one of these things.


jodi said...

If I had known about the Chuck Norris Action jeans I would have purchased them for you years ago as I know how much you could use them (considering all of the high kicking you do!).............since a recount of the 2000 election isn't possible how about if I donate to Al's 2008 campaign in your honor..........oh wait, he isn't running?? What a chicken! that leaves me with a plane ticket to Cuba.......

Mike and Becky said...

Great minds think alike. I had to laugh outloud when reading Jodi's post since my first thought was to get you a plane ticket to Cuba, too!! Maybe we could go in together on this, Jodi! A wonderful dual gift from the there's a novel idea! I also hate to say this, Aaron, but you probably did own some of those spiffy pants sometime back in the 80s! Like when you were about 5 years old!