Thursday, December 6, 2007

silver bells, wedding bells

Congratulations, Jesse and Jodi, on your engagement!
Jodi - we are excited for you to be an official part of the family!
**and yes, that picture is a picture of the actual engagement!**


Aimee said...

Congrats guys!! Great picture Mr. & Mrs. Photographer. :)

Grandma Lynn said...

Congratulations Jodi and Jesse! How fun that you both were at Katie and Aaron's on Turkey Day so I got to know you! Awesome picture!!
Grandma Lynn

Mike and Becky said...

Congratulations Jesse and Jodi! We love the picture!! And we love you both and are really happy for you!! Mom and Dad P.

arjones said...

OH!!!!! Too bad Jesse won't make it to his own wedding seeing as how I'm going to have to seriously injure him for not telling me!!!!!! WHAT A PUNK!!! Yea!!! I'm soooo excited for them!!!! I love you guys!!!