Tuesday, October 23, 2007

fruit flies

I think that God is playing a joke on me.

Jeff's sermon on Sunday was from Galatians 5 - he spent time talking about the fruit of the spirit and the sinful nature. He had made the analogy of "when your bucket [of life] gets kicked, what comes spilling out?" I realized that over the last few weeks I've been producing less and less fruit of the Spirit and MORE acts of sinful nature - can we say discord, fits of rage, (aka MELTDOWNS), and dissentions?

Anyway, I decided to spend a few days praying about that and studying Galatians a bit. Today as I was praying I was asking God to remove the "rotten fruit" from my life so that I can start producing good fruit. And then I started laughing to myself.

For the past 5 days we have had fruit flies in our kitchen. I have NO IDEA where they are coming from. I have cleaned our kitchen with bleach, checked ALL of our fruit, set fruit fly traps (yes, they do work!), and those nasty things KEEP ON COMING BACK!!! I am going CRAZY. And as I was praying I was realizing tha
t those nasty little fruit flies are coming from somewhere that I can't see, and my surface cleaning isn't taking care of them. I need to find the source, which is hidden, clean it up, and THEN they'll disappear. It is a good example to me of how I can't "surface clean" and force myself to be more patient, loving, self-controlled, etc. God has to go to the hidden parts in me and deep clean them out in order to get rid of the fruit flies in my life!

Oh the irony of it all. So here's to fruit flies and God's sense of humor. (And I also prayed that he would miraculously make them disappear from my kitchen now that I learned a lesson!)


The Bailey Family said...

LOVE IT!! (the analogy, not the flies:)) God is so good at making things understandable! I will pray along with you- thanks for the talk the other night!! I appreciate your friendship so much-

Aimee said...

Thanks for this post, Katie. It's always good to hear that you're not the only one who feels like their losing their mind, not to mention feeling like a spiritual "drifter" some days.

As for those dang flies...we had the SAME thing about a month ago. I intentionally bought NO fruit for almost 2 weeks and we STILL had them!!! It's been almost a full week now since I've seen one, so hopefully they're gone. Who knows where on earth they came from...I'm sure I'll find a banana that Carson shoved under the fridge or something ridiculous like that. :)


vsaxe said...

The Fruit Fly in your blog, Eutreta diana (Tephitidae), was drawn by me and can be seen on this web page:


I am a scientific illustrator and spent many hours on the drawing.You might have given me credit and a link instead of snatching the image.

Also, there are 100's of varieties of fruit flies and this one is not the one in your kitchen. It was raised at the Academy of Science on plant galls and therefore doesn't feed on fruit. The fly hosts (food) are species specific.