Tuesday, September 4, 2007


We just got back from spending a little over five days in New Jersey for my cousin's wedding and a little sightseeing in NYC. I realized why I love traveling so much - it makes me appreciate HOME! Every few months I get the itch to go somewhere - on a plane - and I get more and more anxious to just get OUT of Duluth for a while. We'll end up going somewhere, and I come home and I love it. I love knowing which street to turn on to go get something to eat, I love having my entire wardrobe available to me (small as it is!), I love my bed. And I love having the experience of visiting a new place, trying new food, watching different people, and experiencing a different lifestyle. I think it is so cool that you can get on a plane and a few hours later you can be in a completely different place. LOVE IT!

On the adoption front - Our agency has not been giving out referrals over the past couple months due to the rainy season in Ethiopia and courts being closed. It sounds like referrals will be starting up in the next week or so...hopefully there will be some news that we are moving up the list! We'll keep you updated!


Mike and Becky said...

I agree, Katie, about traveling. I get the itch quite often myself, but am always happy to be back home in my own bed, in my own house. I love the adventure of traveling, but also love the routine of my own simple life. It does make you appreciate what you have. It also shows me how much I have to be thankful for and how little some others in this world have. I am truly blessed!

Aimee said...

Just wait until you're traveling with a baby...then you'll REALLY realize how much you appreciate being home with access to everything you could possibly need! It's fun to get away every once in a while, though. Glad to hear you had a good trip! :)

gary said...

nice blog... update it more


StrengthThruWeakness said...

hi katie! did you happen to bring your camera (or any of your family) of today's baptism? and if so, are there any picts i could get? thanksssssss!