Tuesday, August 28, 2007



This is Buddy the Elf, er, the cat. He lives at our house now, which is really funny to me because Aaron doesn't like cats. But he likes Jen, and Buddy comes with Jen, so now he lives here for a while. Buddy is more like a dog than Page is. He begs for food. It is hilarious. Hopefully Buddy and Page will become best friends really fast. I'm sure we'll have some good animal interaction stories for you in the coming months. :)

Anyway, we're excited that Jen and Buddy are living here while Jen finishes up school and figures out what to do with her life. Mostly because we can now watch 24 on DVD LITERALLLY whenever we want. Season 4 starts in about one week.

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the runners said...

Hope you all have a ball together.
We miss Jen and Buddy already - Alley is lonely.