Friday, August 1, 2008

In Ethiopia!!!

Hi! This is Jen posting for Katie and Aaron. We got an email from them today and this is what they wrote. I'll update more if we hear anything else. How exciting!!

Katie writes:

Hey everyone!
We're here, safe and sound! Things are going well - it feels like we've been here for 3 days already - this morning feels like forever ago.
We met Matea this morning and then spent some time with her this afternoon. She is EXACTLY how her social report says she would be. She was really serious this morning, just kept staring at our faces. This afternoon she started to warm up a bit to us - she is pretty enamored with Aaron already - she keeps on staring at him. It's cute. She makes LOTS of eye contact and was starting to smile more and mimic what we do this afternoon. Her eyes and hair are BEAUTIFUL.
Tomorrow we are going to spend some time with Matea in the morning and then we head out to do some shopping. Should be fun!
It's actually pretty cold here at night - I was really chilled last night. We have a hot shower though, so, that's nice!
I don't know what else...we haven't taken any pictures of her yet because we haven't left the care center with her. Our travel group is great, we've all gotten along really well so far.
Ummm.....that's it! Thanks for praying, we really appreciate it.

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