Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Life continues

It seems as though Aaron's post had quite the readership! I can't compete with his comedy, so I'll just do a brief, boring update.

As you'll see, we are now number 43 on the list, so that's exciting! :) We started clearing out the soon to be nursery this week thanks to family coming up for Thanksgiving and us needing to have someone sleep in there!

Last weekend Jo and I surprised Aaron and Jon with a weekend in the Twin Cities. We had always planned to do one last trip before we have kids, but, that just didn't happen. We did go to a few fun restaurants and sent the guy to a Timberwolves game while Jo and I shopped. We ended up staying in the same hotel as the Oakland Raiders which was kind of fun because we would periodically ride in the elevator with some of the players. They are HUGE. I brought my camera, but unfortunately I didn't take a single picture. Oh well, I'll have pictures in my heart. (ha!)

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Grandma Lynn said...

Ok, Katie and Aaron! I actually figured out how to send a comment by following directions! Duh!!
Your comments are great to read, Katie, and Aaron's was really funny!
Thanks again for a fantastic Thanksgiving!!
Love, Grandma Lynn