Saturday, April 14, 2007

This is a blog - a what?

This week Aaron and I are the same age -27. I joke that it is my "favorite week of the year." Of course, it really isn't my favorite week, but it's fun to say. That fun fact has absolutly nothing to do with this post, but I thought it would be a fun tidbit of information as we (well, I) start this blog. We decided to start this blog to keep anyone who cares abreast of what is going on in our life, as this year is going to be full of changes.

We are currently in the hunt to find a new house to live in. We are working on getting our house ready to put up on the market - this is sure to be quite the learning experience! We're hoping to be in a new place by early summer...we'll see how that pans out.

This blog will probably mostly chronicle the more exciting of the changes ahead. We are now "officially" in the process of adopting an infant from Ethiopia. We are very early on in the process and we hope to have a little one by late spring/early summer next year. More details on all that later. :)

In the meantime...back to cleaning, painting, and organizing.

4 comments: said...

Katie you are so techy... hope you liked you present!

Ken said...

katie and aaron! yeah, our 1/year communication...:) i love you guys! it's been too long. i love that you're adopting. i would love to hear the story on how that came about. i'm 30 on saturday...crazy! ken's throwing me a "suprise" party :) come down and visit sometime. i would love to catch up. if you want to see pics., check out our facebook or myspac (yes, we joined the trend when we were youth pastoring)

thelibster79 said...

Wow, Katie - not only are you the same age as Aaron this week, but the same age as me! How fun! Love the blog idea...I'm an email/IM/blog addict. We're dying to get together with you guys to hang out and catch up. Carson started walking this past weekend and Peyton learned how to get out of bed and turn the door knob to escape her room - bedtime and naptime are a real treat now! We're so excited about the adoption process being started!!

Sorry this is so short, but I've gotta go check on the Peyton monster...she came down with the stomach flu today and has been a mess. Poor little thing! See what you have to look forward to!?!?! You'll love every minute of it because you'll be taking care of your baby. : ) Love you guys...tell Aaron his little sis says hello.

The Doublemint Gang said...

Ummmmmmm, all I can say is HOLY COW! (absolutely everytime I say Holy Cow my Grandmother's voice fills my memory saying, "some people worship cows, but you don't, so they aren't holy, only God is." Which I quickly retorted, "what about Holy Macaroni? Nobody worships that!" She didn't think that was funny.) Anywho, what amazing news, I am so overjoyed and can't wait to see you tonight to tell you as much! God is so good! PS-I love that you have this site, now I can stalk you outright.