Wednesday, September 29, 2010

pregnancy post

Since posting on facebook that I'm pregnant, I figured I'd do a quick blog post answering some questions I got, mainly concerning my blood pressure.

First off, YES, I still have controlled hypertension. It didn't just miraculously go away, although, I sure wouldn't argue with God if he ever decided to do that.

My pregnancy isn't going to be too much different than a normal pregnancy (not that I'd really know, since I'll never have a "normal" one - does ANYONE have "normal" ANYTHING?). Basically I'll just be monitored a lot more than someone who does not have pre-existing hypertension. Following our ultrasound on October 18th I will be getting ultrasounds every 2-6 weeks to monitor the baby's growth. I go in every month for a check rather than 12 and 20 weeks. And at the end I'll go weekly for the last 2 months rather than just the last month.

Other things we haven't discussed with my doctor yet...but...there is a good probability I will be induced early to prevent pre-eclampsia. We'll figure this out as the time gets closer, I suppose. Other than that........I guess I'm 'normal.'

I feel basically fine.

I have had one craving: Sweet onion chicken teriyaki subway sandwiches. Oh yum. And lately every night I've been wanting a bowl of cereal before bed, which is rare for me. Too bad I'm not craving something healthy like carrots or broccoli or something.

Yes we are finding out the gender.

Someday I'll post a belly picture.

I am 18 weeks today. Two more weeks and we're in the downhill slope. Yeah!


Ashley said...

Congratulations! Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy.

The Stepecs said...

So excited for you guys! I also craved cereal before bed. I figured at least it wasn't ice cream every night! Can't wait to see some pictures.

Libby Design said...

I ate cereal EVERY night before bed with both kids. :) Funny!! Mom said you're getting the cute 'lil baby bulge...can't wait to see it. And if you EVER feel discouraged about how "big" you look/feel, I'd be happy to supply pictures of my whopping self with Peyton. LOL!! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great update!! Everything sounds wonderful, and can't wait for the picture.
Grandma Lynn