Saturday, April 12, 2008

April blizzard

Weather forecasters up here annoy me. It seems like whenever they predict it to be warm and sunny they are ALWAYS wrong - it ends up being cool and rainy or something along those lines. BUT, when they predict a blizzard in April and I want them to be wrong they are right. Drives me nuts. Anyway, here are some pictures from before, during, and after the storm.I might try to get some pictures with us outside so you have more of a reference to how much snow is out there. On the last picture, the snow piled up on the right side of the driveway goes up to Aaron's shoulders.

It was SO windy during the blizzard - snow was plastered to most of our windows so it was hard to see out of them for most of the day. The wind also packed down the snow so much that we could walk on top of the freshly fallen snow - which, as you know, is usually impossible. We are very thankful that we had power during the storm and that no trees fell in our yard, although we did have a piece of siding blow of the very top part of our garage which we found in our yard. The good thing about the storm was that I got a day off of work due to the city basically being shut down for most of the day on Friday!

I'm hoping the snow melts this week - we're supposed to be around 50 degrees all week, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It is supposed to be SPRING for crying out loud!

Adoption update - we moved up a couple spots this week! I think an April referral is VERY unlikely, but it is nice to see some movement. Somebody below us on the list got a referral this week, so, I guess you never know when it is going to happen!

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures! I hate to tell you but Amy had some flowers in her yard, DC had the blooming Cherry trees, and there was forsythia everywhere in Virginia! However, they will pay for that in the summer when it is hot and humid!!
Spring WILL come!
Grandma Lynn