Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Things have been fairly mundane in our house over the last few weeks, thus the lack of posting on the old blog. I mean, who really cares about things like how often we fill our cars with gas, how many items we've brought to the goodwill, or what the weather forecast is for Duluth?

But, to let you readers know that we have not forsaken the musings on our life, I figured I'd put a post up. I also need a break from planning my talk for youth group tomorrow - I can only study up on absolute truth, relativism, and the inerrancy of scripture for so long, you know?

Adoption - LITERALLY, no change. Nothing to report. Slow going. I'm starting to get antsy. I'm still hoping for a referral before Aaron's birthday. We'll see.

Interesting factoid: Last week I ate 2 entire oranges for the first time in my life!! (Keep in mind I'm turning 28 in April). They were really good, and somehow didn't gross me out as much as they usually do. I thought you should all know that.

We spent some time last weekend with my family, my grandma, and the Libby's. It was nice to get away from Duluth for the weekend!
We have also been able to spend a little bit of time with our new friend Kylie Thompson. God certainly is amazing!

And finally, here is a photo to spice things up. (we haven't taken many pictures recently). Jen has a sweet color setting on here camera; this is a photo she took when we had 3-D glasses on at Disney World.
Until next time....


gary.d.flavin said...

by the way your blog is way more appealing to my eyes... good call on this layout

The Bailey Family said...

What is up with the slow down of referrals! It has been a couple of weeks. It has to pick up this week.
Thanks for the new post....

Mike and Becky said...

Love the picture, Katie. Aaron looks like some movie star or something, but I can't quite figure out who it is...Oh, and what about a referral by YOUR birthday! That would be even better, huh? We are continuing to pray that the Lord will prepare you guys and your little one in the meantime! We are SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for that time to come, but I am sure our excitement pales in comparison to yours and Aaron's! Love you guys, Becky