Sunday, January 13, 2008

Parenting....and weddings...and Mary

Last week our social worker sent us an email about a transracial parenting class being put on by the Harambee Village that was happening yesterday here in Duluth. We decided to attend, figuring we could use all the help we could get and hoping to meet some other families who are multi-racial. Although we were unable to attend the entire class and missed most of the "practical" stuff (we did an activity for the first part of the class), I am really glad we went. We were able to connect with several other families and we found out that this particular group meets once a month on Sundays. We are planning on trying to get involved and see what happens! The cool thing is that Aaron and I have been talking about trying to get involved in the community more, so this seems like a great place to start.

Yesterday evening we attending our friends Mike and Melissa's wedding. Melissa and I have been friends since middle school - it was so fun to see her get married! Their wedding was very God centered and showed exactly who they are as a couple. We are so happy for them!

Finally - I decided to add a picture (otherwise it looks so boring), so here's a picture of Jen and me with Mary Poppins. :)


Grandma Lynn said...

Katie and Aaron,
That is great that you are going to the meetings and can become involved with other families! I can hardly wait until that little one makes me a great grandma!! How special!
Loved your picture, too....that was a great, fun, fantastic week!!
Love, Grandma Lynn

Aimee said...

Which one is Mary Poppins? ;)

Great to hear you've found a resource that will hopefully help you guys make the transition from your stereotypical "northern MN family" to a multi-racial family. We're excited for you guys!!!

Jesse said...

who the crap is the penguin?

Jesse said...

what the crap is up with the penguin?

Katie said...

Gosh Jesse, haven't you ever SEEN Mary Poppins?!??! If you have, you'd know the penguin is when they all start taking drugs and end up inside a cartoon. Psychedelic. :) jk!!

Mike and Becky said...

That is wonderful to hear that you found that group to get involved with. It sounds like a great way to connect with other families who have adopted internationally. We continue to pray that the Lord will go before you and Aaron and are also praying for your little one as God brings him/her to your family. We can hardly wait, so I can only imagine how exciting it is getting for you two!! Love you, Mom P.