Saturday, July 14, 2007

We're approved

Yesterday we had our second and final visit with our social worker for our homestudy and we are now approved to adopt! (we didn't think we WOULDN'T get approved, but I guess you never know!). It was quite uneventful, but nice to have yet another thing done in this whole long process. We received our dossier paperwork by email yesterday and I'm going to start working hardcore on that on Monday. (our dossier is the paperwork that gets sent to Ethiopia). I'm hoping we can get all our paperwork and finances in order in the next two weeks and then we'll be on the waiting list! This might not be realistic, but I can always set a goal.

After we met with our SW we went to the Twins game with some friends. We had a great time, the Twins won, and I got to see Santana pitch! I think he might be my favorite player. Him or Joe Nathan, I'm not sure. :) Anyway, here are some pictures from the game!


Jo said...

Nice pictures:-)

Jenny said...

Congratulations! That must be so exciting!
I just found this website for baby books:
Maybe it will help anyway.
Good luck. Hope you're enjoying your new house!

Jenny said...

There's some cute ones here too. They're pretty expensive though.