Monday, June 11, 2007

Starting to settle in

First of all, I need to make a correction. I sent out an email with our new address on it, and, like an idiot, I spelled our street name wrong. It is "FARIBAULT."

Anyway. We're here, moved in, not unpacked, but in the process. I think I'll be a really happy camper in a few days when we can see the floor in our room and we get a few more boxes unpacked. We are really thankful that the weather turned out to be just fine - I think that it rained a total of 10 minutes on Thursday. We are VERY thankful to our friends and family who brought us food and helped us move, unpack, and paint. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

So here's a quick funny story about moving day. Aaron and I went back to the old house for a final quick walk through to make sure we didn't forget anything and that it was clean. Everything looked good, so we left our extra keys on a shelf, locked the door, and went out to the cars. Aaron went to start the car and realized he left ALL his keys inside the house and we had no way of getting in! So we called and left a message for the new homeowners asking if we could stop by to get the keys. We drove home to our new house and I was looking for my bathroom bag to get my glasses. I couldn't find it. I had LEFT IT AT THE OLD HOUSE!! What an idiot. I was pretty mad, to say the least! Anyway, all is well - we have our keys and my bathroom bag and we're on our way to making this house become home.

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The Libbys said...

Oh my...Aaron and his keys seem to have "issues". : ) And seriously, WHY did God make some of us blind so that we have to wear glasses???? They are truly one of the major inconveniences of life.

NOTE: I haven't been able to wear my contacts for almost TWO weeks because I've suddenly developed horendous allergies after having Carson. I NEVER wear glasses unless it's an emergency (i.e. a puking child in the middle of the night), so the past two weeks have been TORTURE!!! I keep telling Chad I'm going to start buying PowerBall tickets in hopes that we'll WIN BIG so I can get Lasik surgery on these bum eyes of mine!!!