Thursday, May 10, 2007

for sale again?

You know, one week can bring a lot of drama. It's nuts. Here's the short story: the offer that was made on our house on Saturday fell through!! BUMMER!! It's a lot more complicated than this, but the simple version is that our house needs a new roof, and it kind of put the buyer into "freak out" mode or something like that and she cancelled her offer. Basically I am totally stressed out right now, but life goes on and there are a few other things in the works so we'll keep you updated. If you think of it, please pray that something will work out and we will be making wise decisions. We know that God is in control and in the end it will all be fine, it's just stressful right now. I will take my advice from my last post and remember that God deserves all our praise anyway!

In other news...sweet Twins game on Tuesday night, huh?! This picture is after Morneau hit his 10th inning homer. I am excited to hit up a couple games this summer!


The Libbys said...

Bummer is right! I remember when we were selling our first house and our current house was being built. We sat down one night for dinner after our house had been on the market for 30 days (which was a LONG time back then). Chad and I had decided that we'd pray about it one last time, but were going to call our realtors and tell them we'd decided to stay and give up the house that was being built. We ate our dinner in silence because we both were heartsick thinking about giving up the house we had picked everything out for and had been taking pictures of as it was being built. As we were cleaning up our dishes after dinner the phone rang. It was our realtor calling to say they had just received an offer for our full asking price and were wondering if they could come over and present the offer that evening. God always has a way of working things out even when things seem hopeless, so just keep trusting that he'll take care of everything! We'll be praying for you guys as you try to wait patiently and make the right decisions regarding your housing situation!

On a lighter note, we're SO excited to see you guys next weekend! You won't believe how much the kids have changed. Carson is practically RUNNING everywhere now. : ) Have a great day and we'll talk to you soon.

Love you,

Mom P. said...

Aaron and Katie,
The first time we bought a house (actually our trailer, but first house), God sent a HUGE storm with straight line winds to provide the needed income for our down payment! Dad had to work 36 hours straight and, thus, God provided all the overtime pay for our first down payment! If you had asked me HOW IN THE WORLD we were going to afford to buy even a small trailer at that time, I would have said it was IMPOSSIBLE! But, God had it all planned our and in His own time, of course. We will definitely keep praying that you and Aaron will have patience while this is all playing out and that God would show you His perfect plan for it all. I know what it is like, though. You think you have all this BIG faith in God, then something like this comes up. But, believe me. He has NEVER failed us - EVER! Have a great day and keep looking UP. Love you,
Mom P.